Privileged Communication is an independent communications consultancy with offices in Columbus, Ohio and Washington, DC.  Owned and operated by industry expert, Brian Goldthorpe, Privileged Communication specializes in messaging, strategy and crisis response. 


Both proactively, and also in response to crisis situations, Privileged Communication provides the language and tactical expertise required for each of our clients obtain a competitive advantage, secure their reputation and create opportunity from crisis.

Having recently celebrated a decade of continuous operations, and bolstered by over 17 years of experience as a communications professional, Brian Goldthorpe has built Privileged Communication with three core services - 

Messaging: Selection and construction of language (words and phrases) with the goal of sending a compelling, professional and memorable message to an audience.  This is one of a very small number of tasks that touch every part of a client's work.  Clear and consistent messaging is vital for success.

Strategy: If messaging is about how we select and combine language, strategy is all about distribution.  What tools and mechanisms do we use to guarantee that the message gets in front of key stakeholders.  The most often used distribution tools include interpersonal communication, public speaking, utilization of print and television media (interviews and press releases), and the use of digital (online) communication technology, including content for a website and social media.

Crisis Response: When most people think of the word crisis, they most often associate it with acts of war and natural disasters. At Privileged Communication, we apply theories about how to respond and communicate during those types of crises, to crises of reputation or confidence. Our working definition of “crisis” for is a broad one, including constituent / stakeholder complaints, allegations of unprofessional or illegal conduct, problems with staff or board members, misuse of funds, and personal problems that can penetrate the professional arena.  

When an individual, a public figure, an organization, a business, or government entity, an institution of higher learning, or professional sports has its integrity, professionalism or conduct called into question by group of people whose opinion of them fundamentally affects their future prospects, it’s time for Privileged Communication to intervene.  Knowing whether to respond, when to respond and how to respond - coupled with strategies that create opportunities from increased visibility is the value we provide to our clients when their reputation is at stake.

Though specific recommendations vary for each client, we promote honesty, transparency, and consistent, strategic communication to all internal and external stakeholders, provided there are no legal implications in doing so.  We have discovered this to be the key differentiator between clients that can endure a crisis, and those that are irreparably damaged.

“Communication works for those who work at it.”
— John Powell