Privileged Communication supports a wide variety of individual and organizational clients (business, charities, government, sports), in terms of size, scope and industry - the common thread is that they understand how impactful opinions of the public, or a specific group of influential stakeholders' can have on their future. They also share or adhere to our values of transparency, honesty and responsiveness. Here are the main categories that our clients fall into -

Individuals - defined as those whose reputation among key stakeholders affects their professional future, business owners, corporate leaders, physicians, nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs

Public Figures - defined as anyone with a well-known public profile, and whose public reputation affects their professional life, including professional athletes, candidates for office, elected and appointed officials and celebrities

 Non profit Organizations (Charitable, Service and Grant Making Organizations)

Businesses and Corporations

Colleges and Universities

Govt Agencies and Departments (Federal, State and Local)

Professional Sports Franchises (Ownership, Management and Athletes)

Privileged Communication is currently engaging in a targeted business development strategy that will take us to the following cities with some regularity through the end of 2019.  If you think you might be in need of communications support, and you’re located in one of these cities, send an email to or call 267-973-0619, so we can schedule a time to meet you in person on our next trip to your city.

Columbus, OH

Washington, DC

Pittsburgh, PA

Cleveland, OH

Indianapolis, IN

Cincinnati, OH

Louisville, KY

Detroit, MI