Candidates for office - Elected officials - Federal, state, and local -
Government, legal, or political disputes


We help our political clients plan / prepare for and navigate crisis situations that may threaten their reputations, or interfere with their abilities to execute key responsibilities on a daily basis.

Our primary concern is helping politicians secure a bright future.  Though specific recommendations vary for each client, we promote honesty, transparency, and consistent, strategic communication to all internal and external stakeholders, provided there are no legal implications in doing so.  We have discovered this to be the key differentiator between candidates and elected officials that can endure a crisis, and those that are irreparably damaged.  

Privileged Communication maximizes value for our political clients by working directly (and collaboratively) with them to craft a narrative message and outreach strategy that will help preserve relationships and reputations and chart a course for future growth and success.


Case Studies:
  • Allegations of Disorderly Conduct: We supported a United States Representative who was facing accusations of disorderly conduct stemming from an incident at a downtown Washington, DC hotel.  Our work included coordinating with local law enforcement, legal counsel, and the Representative’s staff to keep a sensitive situation from escalating.  We also assured that the incident did not result in any criminal charges, and that there was no public record of what transpired.

  • Inappropriately Leveraging Relationships: We were engaged to support a Capitol Hill staffer who was accused by colleagues, competitors, and press of leveraging one high profile client’s interests to benefit another, resulting in unreported financial gain.  In this case, our work focused on development and execution of an ongoing internal communications strategy, which was designed to help our client preserve key professional relationships and rebuild his reputation.


The language an elected official or candidate uses to express their qualifications, policy positions, and reactions to current events is one of the most important components of crafting a successful political career.  We work with political clients to help them improve the content of their messages to maximize impact and relatability.  Whether preparing for an interview, writing position paper, or engaging with constituents or voters, we help our political clients ensure they are communicating clearly and effectively.


Case Studies:
  • Interview Prep:  We worked with a candidate for local office in Washington, DC in preparation for a series of press interviews during the 2014 Mayoral race.  We helped craft thoughtful and strategic messages, which helped answer a series of difficult questions about the candidate’s political history and future ambitions.

  • Values and Attributes:  Privileged Communication provided support to a seated elected official in Washington, DC as he prepared to initiate a campaign for a larger, more competitive office.  We conducted a detailed assessment of his reputation, including his strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities.  This intensive work resulted in the development of a messaging platform, highlighted by clear issue positions, and a memorable, succinct narrative documenting his qualifications and reasons for seeking higher office.


“Brian is a critical part of our communications strategy, even when he’s not in the room. Our Office has used his training, and his guidance on issues ranging from media relations and social media to communications strategies have been a key part of our success this year."


"The entire team in my office has worked with Brian to help us better manage our communications strategies and capabilities, and to make sure that we’re getting an authentic message out to the people we most need to hear it. Brian is key in helping our Office maintain a positive and dynamic communication stream between our constituents and his work is invaluable.” – Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims (182 – Philadelphia)


“Brian’s insight and experience was critical in assisting me to focus my priorities and pinpoint my long-term goals to better serve the community. Brian is sharp, quick, principled, and a true asset to anyone who desires to build a stronger relationship between themselves and their constituents. Brian was particularly helpful when it came to getting communication ideas off the whiteboard and into practice through both traditional means and a variety of social media strategies.”
Kent Boese, Commissioner, Washington, DC Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A08