For our clients operating in the “for profit” arena, Privileged Communication most often consults on messaging.  What is the language used to articulate a brand identity?  How is language crafted creatively and descriptively to highlight competitive differentiators?  The narrative language present on a business’s website, social media, in advertising, and in the press is the foundation of that company.  Clearly communicating the most compelling messaging points across all outreach tools and platforms is required to position a business for success.

Case Studies:

  • Career Transitions:  In the last 18 months, Privileged Communication has worked with ten business owners during the startup phase of their new companies. In each case, these individuals were transitioning from successful careers working for someone else - to a new professional pursuit as the head of their own business. We assisted these individuals with how to tell the story of their professional transition in a clear, coherent manner - a step that is vital to maintaining support from key members of their professional and personal networks.
  • Speaking Engagements:   Privileged Communication has supported several entrepreneurs involved in direct sales. The primary purpose of this work is to align, coordinate, and prepare these clients for speaking engagements in front of professional, social and charitable groups. Speaking to a wide range or prospective team members and clients with one presentation has proven an effective and efficient way of reaching revenue goals.   


Though Privileged Communication does not provide official, accredited “business coaching” services, there are occasions where we assist small businesses and entrepreneurial clients with strategic initiatives to facilitate growth.  In addition to weighing in on messaging, marketing, and business development, we also provide insights on resource allocation and talent acquisition.  Again, as a communication firm, Privileged Communication does not promote this service, but rather, it evolves organically from relationships with existing clients with whom we have gotten very familiar through our work together.


Case Studies:
  • Business Planning:  Our most notable example of broad-based strategy work with businesses is supporting Ross Yerger in launching his Belize-based resort, Chez Yergz.  Privileged Communication helped construct the narrative business plan, and we are currently assisting with a capital raise, including targeted outreach to wide range of high net worth prospective investors.

  • Diversified Marketing:  Privileged Communication counts Opulen Financial Group amongst our business strategy clients.  Opulen is a rapidly-growing independent financial planning firm based in Arlington, Virginia.  The focus on our work with Opulen Financial Group is to assess and diversify marketing and business development tactics.  We work together on a monthly basis to guarantee that Opulen makes sound, strategic marketing decisions that will continue to catalyze growth.


“I've had Brian contracted by my company for over 3 years. In that time, he's served as my Chief Operating Officer and, due to his extensive media contacts, is about to switch over to be my Chief Marketing Officer. Under his direction, we've written an extensive Business Plan to begin financing Chez Yergz, an elite, not elitist Caribbean resort. We're now moving towards pitches to investors and Brian will concentrate on getting us the attention necessary to sell our Time Shares. We've had extensive outreach due to his work, and look forward to getting this project financed!” - Ross Yerger, Founder and CEO of The Yerger Group and Chez Yergz (https://www.linkedin.com/pub/ross-yerger/0/8b3/a75)

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
— Robert F. Kennedy